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Learn 7 modals and use them with WHAT

Dernière mise à jour : 10 mars 2023

These 7 modals are: can, may, should, could, would, must, shall

Use ''you'' as a pronoun and make a question.

Use the verb eat to do the exercises, but other verbs could be introduced to make a question.

Exercise 1: can, you, what, eat ?

Exercise 2: may, you, eat, what ?

Exercise 3: should, what, eat, you ?

Exercise 4: what, you, could, eat ?

Exercise 5: would, what, eat, you ?

Exercise 6: eat, must, you, what ?

Exercise 7: shall, eat, you, what ?

The wheel of questions in English is a tool to put the words in order to facilitate learning how to build thousands of questions.

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