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How an English speaker thinks asking questions.

Dernière mise à jour : 10 mars 2023

The purpose of the Wheel of Questions in English is to enable students to think like an English speaker.

  • For a French speaker, Lis-tu? translates to Read you? With the wheel, the student learns to say: Do you read? Over time, the student moves the rings and integrates the grammatical logic of questions in English.

  • All questions are done in the same order, from the outside to the inside of the wheel. For example: What do you read?

  • To ask a simple question in the present tense, place do as an auxiliary. This same do is replaced by, depending on what you mean, another auxiliary on the same ring. . Thus, we can replace the question What do you read? by What must you read? in the idea of ​​an obligation.

  • So the wheel models how to do a question. It offers security and motivation as much as the idea of ​​being able to carry out a question.

  • In the fairly short future, the student gradually takes the risk of constructing his questions without the wheel. He can therefore move on to other advantages provided by the tool.

  • 90 Most Common Conversational Verbs helps the student build an environment to communicate their thoughts in thousands of ways, simply by using the wheel.

  • The progressive form, the past participles and all the possible ways of asking a question by knowing the question words, the modals, the pronouns are a phenomenal contribution for a favorable context for dialogue in English.

I see only virtues in it. Children enjoy using the Wheel of Questions in English. It stands out from other wheels despite their great utility.

It allows both children and adults to assert themselves in another language. And that is rewarding, really!

Try it with a few students. You will then want to offer this great high-speed learning opportunity to others in your class. There are sets of this playful tool for a worthwhile investment.

Be like so many others and enjoy hands-on learning with your students.

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