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Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is an excellent educational way to learn and retain information.

1. Mind Mapping: In her book '' Objectif Mémoire'' Hélène Weber defines a mind map as a ''tool for organizing information which promotes both their understanding and their memorization'' '. Her book reveals that the idea of reading or writing down information on a mental map aligns with the natural functioning of the brain. We are talking here about concepts, associations of ideas which force our brain to sort, select, organize and structure information According to Mrs. Weber, the mental map not only promotes understanding, but reactivates knowledge and crystalizes it in our memory long-term.

2. The English question wheel is an example of Mind Mapping. Using the Edraw Max software, which offers structural ideas for building your Mind Map, I was able to build a concept to learn how to do questions in English. A synthesis of 45 key words which, like a padlock, offers a multitude of combinations. In a simple educational tool, more than 2000 combinations of questions for a single verb. 45 words to learn so that young people gain self-confidence. All we have to do is add verbs so the student can dramatically increase their knowledge of English.

It is also easier to learn by combining play.

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