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The Wheel of Questions in English Super Food for ESL Learners

Most teachers teach Question Words apart, the 5 Ws.

With the wheel, they find out from their little dictionary from the front part of the wheel. They learn them while asking questions.

This wheel is useful to learn modals, auxiliaries, question words, pronouns and 90 verbs. They learn grammar as well as the most popular words in the English conversation.

4th graders are able to ask questions with do, can, may, should and must. Some examples: They can switch from What do you eat? to What can you eat?. They can also change the question words such as Where changing into When: Where do you eat? to When do you eat? After a while, they can change all those 4 words by Why should I play?

With the wheel of questions, you can cause a wonderful change of pace in only 3 hours. Your 4th graders will become experts. Just have a look at the wheel and check the visual aspect which allow the kids to learn the logic of question structure in English. Play with the rings and make all kinds of questions. Imagine yourself teaching this to your 6th graders knowing that they started to enrich their conversations asking solid questions as soon as in their 4th grade.

You must have this Super Food in your classroom to create a solid level of conversation between them This wheel is created for French native learners, but can be useful for any other esl learners.

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